Spare Parts only for: InterCombi HE32 | InterSystem HE26 | InterOpen HE22

These boilers are no longer for sale in the UK, but are still manufactured for the European market. However they are still manufactured forthe European market. Spare parts info and maintenance information is available below.

This ensures continued availability of spare parts

 Atmos Inter Range


  • The InterCombi has an incredibly robust and efficient dual circuit heat exchanger
  • High efficiency condensing during heating and domestic hot water operation
  • No diverter valve due to design of heat exchanger
  • It is usually possible to completely descale the boiler. Please read our DATA SHEET before
  • considering replacing the heat exchanger or replacing the boiler!
  • The heat exchanger design means no pump is required for domestic hot water
  • production or circulation to the outlets
  • The InterCombi can receive pre-heated hot water from any source, ie solar, thermal store
  • Maximum hot water flow rate of 12.5 litres per minute
  • Central heating output up to 26.8 KW (91,500 Btu/hr)
  • Genuine hot water only option allows a two stage boiler change or central heating repair
  • Keep Hot facility to provide instantaneous hot water supply and reduce waste water
  • ECO mode – switched on, the boiler learns when to fire up and heat water when you need it
  • Built in 6lt expansion vessel
  • Built in circulation pump


  • Sealed system boiler for central heating and/or hot water via an indirect hot water tank
  • Heating output up to 26 KW (90,000 Btu/hr)
  • Built in 6lt expansion vessel
  • Built in circulation pump
  • Suitable for open vent systems


  • Used in open vent systems with a header tank
  • Heating output up to 22 KW (75,000 Btu/hr)
  • Top connections for flow and return
  • Suitable for connection to Y plan systems with separate indirect hot water tank


  • Used with standard flues, communal/shared flues (normally made by Cox Geelen), vertical flues
  • flues concealed in cavities, chimney flues and aluminium and plastic twin pipe flues.
  • 60/100mm Concentric Flue Pipe Length up to 15m (equivalent)
    80/125mm Concentric Flue Pipe Length up to 22m (equivalent)
    80mm Twin Pipe Flue lengths up to 60m (equivalent)
  • Robust dense aluminium heat exchanger with dual integral copper circuits
  • Burner modulates for maximum efficiency from 30% to 100% to match the heat demand
  • Converts to LPG (propane)


  • Weather compensation using an outside sensor
    Compatible with OpenTherm smart controls
    24v or 240v room thermostat connection
    Fault diagnostics for easy maintenance, access to download performance history
    Central heating output can be set down to 30% of maximum for lower demands
    Central heating flow temperature can be set as low as 35 deg C for underfloor heating
    Frost protection built in
    Pump runs briefly every 24 hours to prevent sticking