Intergas boilers are unbeatable!

Ease of maintenance and low running costs is making Intergas the boiler of choice for social housing as well as private landlords and shrewd homeowners.

They are renowned for the indestructible and highly efficient dual circuit heat exchanger, giving A** efficiency for both central heating and hot water production.

The heat exchanger design eliminates the need for a diverter valve and eliminates the use of the pump for domestic hot water production. This means big savings on maintenance and on gas & electrical consumption.

Atmos Innovations will soon supply spare parts needed for maintenance and service.

Intergas Rapid 25 and 32 (similar to the Atmos Inter HE32), EcoRF and HRE spares from April 2022

The Intergas Rapid is a high efficiency combi boiler that can also function as a system or open vent boiler or even as a multipoint water heater.

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