Joule Acapella Evacuated Tube Solar System

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Joule Acapella adds architectual feature to this Galway home

The Joule Acapella evacuated tube collector is one of the most efficient collectors available. The Acapella tubes patented design means that the system delivers increased return on your capital by reducing your systems payback term while delivering outstanding levels of free hot water most of the year round. The return on capital is the relationship between how much a system costs you against how much it will save you over time.  Ideally you are looking for a system that offers low capital cost, robust design and outstanding performance all of which is done by the Joule Acapella evacuated tube solar system. The robustly engineered, sleekly designed matt black finished collector will not only deliver superb levels of hot water but will also add value to your property while improving your buildings energy rating.

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 No. of People System SizeMin. Cylinder Size Kwh Output Download File
 1-2 30 250L 1,338.53Kwh EVA30.pdf
 3-4 40 300L 1,759.33Kwh EVA40.pdf
 5-6 50 400L 2,263.65Kwh EVA50.pdf 
 7-8 60 500L 2,765.50Kwh EVA60.pdf 

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Joule Acapella helps to provide water heating to Wicklow Hotel

Solar thermal technology transforms direct and diffuse solar radiation into useful heat using a solar collector. The Acapella collector consists of a highly insulated (dense PU foam) manifold and an array of tubes connected to it by means of a heat exchanger. By using the heat exchanger it allows for individual tubes to be removed without the need to drain down the system. The insulated manifold protects the system from outside influences such as rain, wind, humidity and cold. The vacuum insulation around each of the tubes ensures that the suns energy is efficiently transferred into useable heat with minimal losses.

So it’s no surprise to know that the Joule Acapella is the most efficient solar tube on the market with unsurpassed return on capital to any of its competitors.


Acapella Tube Glass Construction:

The high efficiency Acapella tube is manufactured from superior borosilicate glass which is the glass of choice for the manufacture of scientific instruments. Borosilicate glass can handle both extreme heat and cold; it has a low rate of thermal expansion and is very resistant to chemical corrosion.  Sodium based glass is generally cheaper to produce and performs worse in relation to handling extremes of hot and cold and also with regard to thermal expansion. Both of these properties are very important when choosing an appropriate glass for you evacuated tube collector.

Standard System Schematic

Acapella Frame Construction

The high efficiency Acapella tube collector is made from dycast aluminium. As per the new requirements of National Standards Authority of Ireland the entire collector is manufactured from aluminium. As per the requirements of the Agrement Cert all materials exposed on the roof must be manufactured from aluminium.

Acapella Tube Construction:
The Acapella tube construction is so advanced it’s been patented. The alcoholic fluid inside the copper tube is made from a secret mix that allows for a lower evaporation temperature thus increasing the output from the collector. The copper bulb is zinc coated to prevent welding between the copper housing of the bulb and the bulb itself. This ensures that future maintenance is possible.

Collector Tests
The Joule Acapella solar collector has been tested to:

  • Thermal and mechanical tests to EN12975 1-2
  • Impact resistance tested to DIN EN12975-2:2006 using ice ball method
  • NSAI Agrement Certified
 NSAI Cert 1 Hail Test Sunrain Test Report 1